SUNZIL & VERTIC, une successful collaboration

SUNZIL & VERTIC, a successful collaboration

What if we just go for a tour in the Islands?

Today we’re taking you to the French overseas departments & territories, visit the SUNZIL’s photovoltaic installations!


Worldwide manufacturer of photovoltaic plants, SUNZIL belongs to the TOTAL & EDF Group. For 2 years, we have been working together to secure their installations located in the Islands of Reunion, Martinique, Mayotte, Guadeloupe and Guyana.


To install within the given time the required fall protection solutions on the 530 structures, VERTIC has dedicated a specific team composed of 2 engineers and 10 installers: a great success!


Congratulations to them!





  • Fall protection solutions installed: horizontal lifeline systems (ALTILIGNE & BATILIGNE), anchor points, simple and caged ladders, fall protection rail system (ALTIRAIL)
  • Average time spent on each installation: from 1 to 2 days
  • Number of lifeline meters installed: 26 000 meters
  • Number of anchor points installed: 6 400 units


  • Reunion (Island): 121 sites – 12 500 kWp
  • Martinique (Island): 161 sites – 9 700 kWp
  • Mayotte (Island): 30 sites – 4 225 kWp
  • Guadeloupe (Island): 187 sites – 13 100 kWp
  • Guyana (Island): 24 sites – 2 200 kWp
VERTIC & ALPIC certified ISO 14 001 v. 2015!

VERTIC & ALPIC certified ISO 14 001 v. 2015!

We have always been aware of the impact that everyone has on the environment and thus committed for years to an environmental management and waste recycling.

Obtaining the ISO 14 001 certification allows us to complete our two key elements: MASE and ISO 9 001 v.2015, and finally gives a concrete expression to our commitment!

VERTIC’s 18!

VERTIC’s 18!

Much more than the symbolic age of majority, let’s celebrate the integration of our 95 co-workers, the 8,000 projects on which we had the chance to provide you some support, and also the architectural structures and historical monuments our installation teams have secured…


And much more than that, let’s celebrate people who have been working safely.


Thank you for your support and ‘’cheers’’!

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