About us

For more than 15 years, VERTIC offers engineered and user-friendly fall protection systems to the safety at height marketplace. Our core activities are the manufacturing and selling safety solutions against falls from a height: lifelines, anchors, rail systems, guardrails… we supply them both nationally and internationally.
Our supportive VERTIC team provides you a full package of services for a turnkey safety solution.
Through successful years, the company grew and expanded its product lines thanks to our professional and trusted partnerships worldwide.

VERTIC is able to realize audits


Identify and assess your needs

To be efficient, a fall protection equipment needs to be adapted according to the environment of use and the nature of the interventions to secure.
As an official distributor you will be supported by our teams to identify and assess the risks and lead you towards the most appropriate safety solution.

VERTIC designs and manufactures its own safety products

Design / Engineering

An appropriate safety solution to each need

No matter what your structure is, the shape of your building or your architectural constraints, VERTIC has safety solutions for your customers.
Our in-house engineers are specialists in mechanical, structural engineering, and design standard or customized user-friendly safety systems against falls from a height.

VERTIC designs and manufactures its own safety products


An overall integrated manufacturing process

Our integrated production facility guarantees optimal process mastery. Our products are designed and manufactured in France under strict quality assurance controls.
Working with VERTIC is the guarantee to benefit from a complete control of product quality and delivery times.

VERTIC in-house control lab

Quality assurance

Reliable and resistant products, which comply with the current legal and regulatory requirements

In our constant effort to maintain quality, our products are tested and certified with the current standards.
VERTIC’s products undergo extensive testing in our own quality control lab before they are certified by notified independent test bodies.

VERTIC's technical support

Customer service

A bespoke customer service

Our supportive team is available to provide you training, engineering and installation supports: drawings, plans, calculation notes or quotations…
Working with VERTIC is the guarantee to build a strong relationship of trust with a team of specialists in safety at height.

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