VERTIC is committed to improve daily:

  • Risk management
  • Health at work
  • The environment.
VERTIC is certified MASE
VERTIC is certified ISO 9001
VERTIC's products meet and exceed current legal and regulatory requirements

VERTIC is committed to provide reliable products which comply with customer requirements and the current legal and regulatory standards.


Since January 2009, VERTIC and ALPIC companies have been certified ISO 9001.

Since April 2011, the VA GROUPE holding has undertaken an approach to improve the management of safety, health and the environment at work.


VERTIC has signed up to the MASE association as an involved company and has been certified MASE in May 2013 for three years.


These two standards have been both renewed in May 2016 for three years more.


VERTIC's products meet and exceed current legal and regulatory requirements

Since 24th November 2015, the EN 795 : 1996 standard has been officially replaced by the new European harmonized Standard EN 795 : 2012. From now on, it will be the new European reference for anchor devices and provides more customer guarantees.

Pioneer, VERTIC had already anticipated these modifications.

The full range of VERTIC’s products comply with the EN 795 : 2012 legal and regulatory requirements

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As the official VERTIC North American subsidiary, VERTIC INC. is commited to satisfy its client needs through engineering and reliable safety systems which comply with the current legal requirements.


The full range of VERTIC’s products meet or exceed the latest codes and regulations from the CSA, ANSI and OSHA.

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If you want to have more details about these regulations, they can be viewed at:

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