COMBILIGNE inclined lifeline system

Structures that need to be secured cannot be only either flat or vertical, and workers need to be protected even on inclined configurations. To do so, fall protection systems have been designed to provide an optimum safety on slopes up to 180°.

To provide the optimum safety to your workers even on inclined applications, VERTIC has designed the COMBILIGNE lifeline system.

This safety solution allows free movement in all direction without unclipping for horizontal, vertical or inclined structures.

  • Versatility
    Allows horizontal, inclined and vertical free movement all along the wire rope
  • High adaptability
    Fixing on all types of slopes
  • User-friendly
    Great freedom of movements
  • Optimum safety for all types of slopes
    Its engineered one or bidirectional locking carriage works only if needed
  • Superior design
    Superior design and finish allow a perfect integration whatever architectural constraints on site
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VERTIC graphic chart

COMBILIGNE on bridge

COMBILIGNE on penstocks

COMBILIGNE in amusement parks

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